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You don't have to D.R.O.P. alone. 


You’ve worked a lifetime to get to the point where you could successfully transition out of the FRS workforce and into your next chapter of life.  Now that you’re enrolled in D.R.O.P., you can actually see the finish line. Hopefully, you are excited and looking forward to new, inspired opportunities and exciting challenges.


But you may be a bit apprehensive about the choices you need to make.  You may be asking yourself questions like:


 If I rollover my D.R.O.P. account into an IRA, what happens to it then?

If I?

You have questions, we have the answers

Should I invest my money?  

If so, where and how?  Will it be safe?

Should I?


How much income can I expect to receive from my savings and investments?


Will my savings last as long as I do? How can I be sure?


What are my choices for my D.R.O.P. monies?



Who will inherit my money if something happens to me? 

Will they have to pay taxes?

When will I have to pay taxes on my D.R.O.P. money?  How much? 


The truth is, these are all big questions and tough choices.  But by collaborating with a qualified, caring, and trustworthy professional, finding the answers won’t be as hard as you think.  And more importantly, you might save yourself - and your loved ones - time, money, and energy in knowing you’ve handled things properly.


In the past decade we have helped dozens of FRS D.R.O.P. Participants:


o    Understand their DROP distribution options

o    Discover ways to maximize Social Security payments

o    Process paperwork to distribute, invest, and simplify DROP, Bencor, and TSA (403b) accounts

o    Avoid costly mistakes

o    Create an inspired "Life After Work" Financial Strategy

o    Establish a personal investment strategy that's right for you….


Remember, you don't have to D.R.O.P. alone…schedule a complimentary consultation.

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