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FAQ. Your Questions Answered.


What makes your firm different than others?

      These are some of the most important key elements that make us unique:

  • We are 100% independent.  We are not owned by a bank, insurance company, or wirehouse.  We don’t have quotas to meet or outside ownership that requires us to “sell” specific products or force our clients to invest in certain securities.  By being independent, we can be objective and unbiased in the recommendations we make to our clients.

  • We specialize.  While we have the expertise to serve clients from all walks of life and in varying circumstances, our primary focus is overwhelmingly directed to helping empty-nesters who are in or near retirement (or as we prefer to describe it, “aspirement”).

  • Our Approach is first centered around helping our clients envision and manifest their uniquely inspired life.  Only then do we begin to explore the financial components surrounding it.


If you’re independent, how can I trust that my money will be safe with you?  How do I know you’re not just another Bernie Madoff?

  • Though we are independent, we are not isolated or alone.  The firm responsible for compliance, supervision, and processing of our business is Cambridge Investment Research (CIR), one of the nation’s largest and most respected independent broker-dealer / Registered Investment Adviser firms.  CIR has over 2500 affiliated adviser / reps throughout the country and oversees the management of over $65 billion in client assets.  Additionally, our clients funds are customarily custodied at Pershing, LLC, a Bank of NY Mellon Company.  Pershing custodies approximately $1.5 trillion in client assets.


Do you have account minimums?

  • We don’t have account minimums per se, but most clients find that we won’t be an ideal fit with regards to their ‘aspirement’ planning unless they have at least $350,000 for us to help them with.


How much will it cost for me to work with you?

  • We offer a complimentary initial consultation where we will get to know each other.

  • Once you become a client, our fees largely depend on what services we’re providing. Typically, we charge $495 to provide an initial analysis and recommendations. This will also serve as a retainer for us to provide ongoing planning and advice for the duration of the first year.  Starting in year 2, the annual charge is typically $2,995 for ongoing advice and service.  We waive this amount for clients who have more than $350,000 under our management.  With regards to how we are paid for investment management services, please see the next question.


What do you charge to oversee the management of my investments?

  • LifeCraft will charge an annual fee based on Assets Under Management, billed quarterly in advance under the following schedule:

  • Assets $0 - $500,000:                                          1.25% Advisory Fee

  • Assets $500,001 - $1,000,000:                           1.10% Advisory Fee

  • Assets $1,000,001 and above:                           0.75% Advisory Fee

  • Fees will be charged in advance on a pro-rated, quarterly basis of the assets that are under management.

  • In most cases, LifeCraft’s advisors will work in conjunction with world-class, institutional Portfolio Strategists who will additionally oversee day-to-day asset allocation and manager selection.  These strategists may include:

    •  Vanguard

    •  Morningstar         

    •  Russell Investments

    •  Litman Gregory

    •  Horizon Investments

    •  JP Morgan

    •  Symmetry Investments       

    •  Rogerscasey Investments

    • Weatherstone Capital

    •  Fund Evaluation Group

    •  Greenrock Research

    •  Loring Ward

  • In some cases, the inclusion of a strategist will necessitate an additional expense of between .25% and .50% to the portfolio fee.  In such cases, this additional expense will be disclosed and agreed upon prior to engagement.

  • Portfolios that have less than $100,000 may be subject to an additional initial start-up fee of up to $1,000.


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